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Note from Master Greca re-Korea

Here is  a note from Master Greca from Greca CKD regarding the upcoming seminar in Korea.  Look forward to see everyone there.

We have 5 months until the CKD South Korea and India seminars will be upon us! Will you watching it from afar or be part of history in the making once again? Let me share a personal story that just might be helpful to some of you...

Back in 2010, my brotherCraig Greca and I were working hard to run our Greca CKD school. Call it what you will - bad economy, difficult business conditions, bank crashes - but we weren't really doing all that great. Don't get us wrong - we had/have greatGreca Choi Kwang-Do students and outstanding instructors. But we were struggling so much financially. Others like Grandmaster Choi and GrandmasterMarshall Pereira really wanted us to go. So we both scrounged up what we could to make that 2010 Inaugural Korea Seminar a reality and I was even able to take my wifeJennifer Tucker Greca too. Let me say this - that was the catalyst we needed to make some must needed positive changes for our school. We came back so unbelievably motivated, determined, and refreshed to thrive that we dug ourselves out of a pretty good sized financial hole, made a move to a better facility and it's been uphill from there. Had we not done that - it's with certainty that we would have closed our dojahng doors before the end of 2011 unable to sustain the school financially.

The morale of the story isn't to saddle yourself with debt to go to this 2015 South Korea Intentional Seminar. If it really is too much of a burden, then it's understandable. BUT - if you can at all make it work, put in a little extra time, do some fundraising, and get there - you won't be disappointed in the power spending some quality time with Grandmaster Choi and your awesome CKD family can do! It saved our school - true story. Oh and now my wife trains in CKD too... BONUS!

Pil Seung,

Senior Master Scott Greca

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