Novi Martial Arts Training Center

Test Schedule November 21st

MichiganTesting Schedule

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Ayerst Choi Kwang-Do of Novi

24404 Catherine Industrial Road, Suite 306

Novi, Michigan  48375



Testing Times Are By CurrentRank

1:45 – 2:55         White Senior/Yellow Senior/Orange Senior/Green Senior/Purple Senior

3:00 – 4:10         White/Yellow/Orange/Green/Purple/Brown

4:15 – 5:30         Gold/Gold Senior/Blue/Blue Senior/Red/Red Senior/Black Belt Stripes

Please be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes before scheduled time for your test. The above times are for your present belt level.  Make sure that you bring all safety equipment to the testing.  Students are required to stay for their full testing time. If there is a problem that you need to leave early or arrive late, please be sure that you have discussed this with your Chief Instructor. It is recommended and appreciated that all Head Instructors and all Assistant Instructors be present for the full testing day to assist during testing as well as set up and clean up.


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