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Student Essay

This was written by one of our Assistant Instructor Candidates

Choi Kwang Do Assistant Instructor Essay

By Nandini Koneru

I had joined Choi Kwang Do at the age of 6. When I was first introduced to Choi Kwang Do, I had felt extremely nervous about trying something new. As I met new people and got the rhythm of Choi it helped me develop new characteristics.These characteristics are derived from the 6 principles that we were taught: humility, integrity, gentleness, perseverance, self control, and unbreakable spirit. Along with these major components I also gained confidence, responsibility, and determination. Overall, it made me the person who I am today. At first, Choi Kwang Do was just one of my many interests, but over many years it slowly evolved into a passion. It became a way to learn self defense, connect with people, and just have fun. It turned into something I looked forward too and not something I was pushed to do.

I want to be an assistant instructor, because the instructors and assistant instructors who taught me made Choi Kwang Do such a special experience for me. I would like to help make sure that other students can feel the same way. Getting the position of an assistant instructor would help me develop teaching, communication, leadership, and time management skills. It will help me learn how teach other students everything it takes to become good at Choi Kwang Do.  It will also teach me how to communicate with others and get my message across to them. In addition, I will be able to learn how to step up into a leadership role. Finally, I will learn how to manage my time, which I immensely lack. Learning these skills could not only help me with becoming a better assistant instructor, but also with other key parts of my life, such as school and my other extracurricular activities.

Along with my interest, I also have the qualifications to become an assistant instructor, because I possess responsibility, dedication, determination, and a positive attitude. Having each of these qualifications will help me in a special way for fulfilling the duties of an assistant instructor. Having responsibility will make sure that I am always following through on my assigned responsibilities. The fact that I am dedicated to performing my best in this role. Once I start something I never give up. Additionally, I have determination meaning that I will never give up even if I face challenges as an assistant instructor.  Last and most important of all is my positive attitude. Having a positive attitude will help in everything because doing anything with a positive attitude will automatically make it easier. When these qualities are combined with my focus, confidence, creativity, and hard work they make me an amazing candidate for an assistant instructor position.

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