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10 BENEFITS OF CHOI KWANG DO - Benefit #1: "Social Influence"

by CHOI KWANG DO Martial Arts International

By: Jason Wright

The great majority of martial arts schools have a code of conduct which the instructors and students follow, either implied or defined. A simple example could be that students bow to one another - a form of polite greeting. Other examples could be specific terminology for techniques or class commands, or the observance of a hierarchy of authority within the school. In Choi Kwang-Do (CKD), alongside a set of school rules, the code of conduct is contained within the Children's Promise, Adult Pledge and Principles of CKD - a set of guidelines and positive values that students are encouraged to memorize and follow in their day-to-day lives, both inside and outside of the school: Children's Promise To always do my best and never give up To obey my parents and teachers To tell the truth and honor my word To always be polite To never misuse what I learn in class Adult Pledge To set positive goals and strive to achieve them To apply self discipline to further my personal development To stand for justice and honor my word To promote friendly relationships among all people To use what I learn in class in a constructive manner Principles Of Choi Kwang-Do Humility Integrity Gentleness Perseverance Self Control Unbreakable Spirit With these points in mind, consider a new student joining a CKD school. They will have been informed about the schools code of conduct, maybe even given a manual or guide to explain them in detail. They will have been advised and instructed how to demonstrate them and asked to begin to follow them. However, what can have an even greater effect on the new students behavior is social influence. When you are training at a CKD school you are interacting with a range of people who share common beliefs and values. For a new student, the reference group will be other students and instructors. As the reference groups behavior is guided by positive beliefs and values (the Children's Promise, Adult Pledge and Principles of CKD), it is likely that the new student will adopt the similar positive beliefs and values. In fact, studies in social influence show in many cases, people eventually acknowledge the reference groups beliefs and values as their own. In addition, when we are unsure how to act, we often look to our peers or those we identify as our reference group to see how we should be acting, and conform accordingly. This is often referred to as social proof. Why does this happen? Whether the modification takes place consciously or unconsciously, people modify their thoughts, beliefs and behavior under such conditions because their conformity fulfils psychological needs such as belonging and esteem generating feelings of approval from the reference group. Choi Kwang-Do training can also fulfill a number of other psychological needs such as progress and achievement which will be covered later. Think of this benefit as the reverse of peer group pressure. Instead of a group of teenagers hanging around on street corners encouraging each other to do something silly or troublesome, a CKD school is a group of people encouraging and supporting each other to better themselves in some way through martial art training. So CKD classes can provide you with a positive reference group, and the people we associate with regularly can have a profound influence on us. CHOI KWANG DO more than a Martial Art....It’s a way of Life!

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