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Benefit #2: "Memory & Learning"

10 BENEFITS OF CHOI KWANG DO - Benefit #2: "Memory & Learning"

By Jason Wright

Have you ever had the experience of finding something easy and enjoyable to learn with one teacher, but found it difficult to learn the same information with another teacher? There are many possible reasons for this, and one of them might have been that the teacher you found enjoyable taught the subject in a way that appealed to your preferred learning style. As martial arts are primarily a physical activity, CKD instructors are able to appeal to different learning styles. When learning different people take in and process information in different ways - some people like to see the information: a visual preference, some people like to hear the information: auditory preference, while others like to learn by doing: a kinaesthetic preference. People do not learn in only one of these ways, it will be some combination of all three, although there will be a bias or preference towards one. Obviously, in a single class there will be students who have a variety of preferred learning styles. For this reason, CKD instructors use a multi sensory approach by showing a technique (for the visual learners), explaining a technique (for the auditory learners) and then getting the students to do the technique or practice it with equipment (for the kinaesthetic learners). The same process can be applied to teaching combinations of techniques and other parts of the CKD curriculum. When you are able to take in and consolidate information using a combination of seeing, hearing and doing, the learning process becomes more efficient and enjoyable. With a little creativity, you can convert your chosen subject matter into a format that suits your preferred learning style and apply these concepts to learn just about anything. By reviewing the information regularly, it becomes absorbed more deeply and moves from short term memory to long term memory, where it can be more easily recalled. Again, as CKD is a physical activity, review and recall of the information will be predominantly kinaesthetic, ie. You attend your classes and perform the techniques and drills. However, review can also be done by reading, rewriting, watching instructional DVDs, explaining or visualising the information. There are two important benefits here: firstly, when learning is enjoyable, you are more likely to have a positive attitude towards learning in general. This is critical for younger students who may remain in formal education for some years. Secondly, each time you have a successful learning experience (taking in information, taking action to commit the information to long term memory, and then recalling the information) you are training your memory to work better making learning in the future easier. Learning CKD not only trains your body, it also trains your mind. CHOI KWANG DO more than a Martial Arts...

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