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Benefit #4


10 BENEFITS OF CHOI KWANG DO - Benefit #4 : "Self Defense"

 By Jason Wright

Martial arts are expected to enable students to look after themselves, and various martial arts systems emphasis and achieve this in various ways and to various degrees. So how does CKD prepare the student for self defense? The CKD curriculum contains a series of drills which allow students to practice and develop their self defense skills with another student Defense Drills. More specifically, Defense Drills are geared towards developing the confidence and ability of both students in a safe and controlled manner. The drills cover verbal skills, foot work, distancing, evasive techniques (dodging and weaving), blocking punching and kicks, counter attacks and pre-emptive attacks. A series of drills to escape from situations whereby a person may be held or restrained are also taught. It's fair to say that if these skills had to be deployed outside of a class, the people involved would be under considerable stress. However, attempting to develop these skills in a highly stressful environment (ie. sparring or in a competitive environment) can be counter productive to the learning process. For these reasons, Defense Drills are cooperative, rather than competitive. As students confidence and capabilities grow, defense drills can be performed with progressive levels intensity or resistance. When practicing Defense Drills, you are subjected to moderate levels of stress. We often hear a lot of negative things about stress, but it's important to note that, to some degree, we need stress. In fact, a response to stress has been one of the most essential ingredients in our survival. For example, crossing a busy road puts you in a temporary state of stress - you are more alert and aware of the potential danger in order to get to the other side. Stress initiates biochemical and physiological changes: sharpening our senses making us more attentive to sense danger. The heart beats faster to pump blood to large muscles, especially the arms and legs ready for action. The liver releases stored sugar to provide fuel for a quick burst of energy. (These changes are referred to as the fight or flight response, emanating from our ancestors survival which often depended on their ability to overpower or outrun predators). Once safely across the road, you are no longer at danger and the stress subsides this is known as homeostasis. It's important to have a physical response to stressful events in our lives in order to dissipate the excess energy away (generated in preparation for the fight or flight). The pressures of daily life can create many stresses for us and prolonged periods of time in a state of stress where the body does not return to a homeostatic state has many detrimental effects. When the body attempts continue functioning at a high state of arousal it draws resources allocated for other bodily functions, such as digestion and the immune system, leading to illness and exhaustion. Defense Drills provide a fun and challenging way to expend that excess energy. Studies show that under moderate stress our level of performance increases. This means that Defense Drills can help you to learn and practice your skills effectively while developing a conditioned automatic response for self defense. In addition, an unfortunate aspect of self defense is that you may often need to strike an attacker as part of the process of protection. Whilst this is not a desirable nor humane thought, CKD training will teach you how to optimize your striking power (practiced on focus mitts or strike shields, not other students!), regardless of your existing size and strength. How is this done? In the example of a punching technique: Sequential Motion As opposed to relying solely on the strength of the arms, chest, shoulders and upper back, the entire body is involved in the movement. These specific parts of the body are used, but their overall effectiveness is amplified by using larger, stronger muscle groups in the legs and torso. Follow Through By following through the target, the fist is traveling at maximum speed at the point of impact, only slowing down during the recoil. Economy of motion is achieved by utilizing the energy used to initiate the movement (provided by sequential motion) to return the arm back to the starting position. This process which is applied to many CKD techniques and allows the practitioner to exploit Newtons Second Law of Motion with great effect: force = mass x acceleration, where the acceleration is massively increased with the aid of sequential motion and follow through. Keeping the well-being of the practitioner in mind, at no point does the elbow joint fully extend. When moving with such speed and power, the elbow joint would be susceptible to hyper extension damage. The health and well-being of students is one of the core principles of CKD. CHOI KWANG DO more than a Martial Art

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