Novi Martial Arts Training Center

New 4th Degree Black Belt

Alec Ricks started training in Choi Kwang Do at the age of 8 with his best friend, Ben Eriksen. With the help of his family he has worked hard to earn his 4th degree black belt along with Karen Bicknel and Mark Lloyd on March 4th, 2016.

Founder Grand Master Kwon Jo Choi came up from Atlanta, Ga., to evaluate these hardworking martial artists. They had a grueling 5-hour test where Grand Master Choi ran them through everything that they have learning in the past 12 years of training.

Ricks, on his way to earning his 4th degree black belt, has also hit some other milestones in Choi Kwang Do. He has joined the Black Belt club and Master Club, making the commitment to achieve his First Degree Black Belt and then continue on to reach his current belt level. He is also an assistant instructor, which includes a written and practice test. He has trained under some of the best instructors in Michigan, including Master Erin Austin, Master Dot Stoddard and has trained for the last 8 years at Ayerst Choi Kwang Do in Novi ( under Deputy Master Michael Ayerst and his staff of instructors.

Ricks has fond memories from his past 12 years of training.

“I remember training in a lot of different places from Dominoes Farms to LifeTime Fitness (Novi), and the Novi Civic Center to eventually the opening of Novi Choi Kwang Do. I also remember painting a tile for the little 3 foot wall by the Dojang floor,” he said. “For testing I know that we had to travel a lot I also remember breaking boards at tests which I always found hard but rewarding. When I took my first degree belt I tested at a hunting club, which was fun. I also really liked the instructor meetings that we had on Tuesday nights had some good talks and good feedback. I really liked assisting in classes as well as assisting in tests.

“One of my most fun memories was the CKD summer picnic with the big squirt gun fights,” he continued. “The instructor outings were very fun as well to do something social instead of always choi all the time.”

Everyone at Ayerst Choi Kwang Do and Ricks’ family said they are proud of Ricks for his perseverance and determination to reach this lofty goal.

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