Little Dragons: Build a Foundation For Your Kids as they enter preschool!

Our Little Dragons program, suited for 3.5-5 years old, is full of action-packed and exciting activities! Not only is this their first time to be exposed to martial arts but also, they will meet new faces along the way! 

Through our classes, your little dragon will: 

  • Discover martial arts and master basic techniques 
  • Get ready for life in class and socially adapt 
  • Learn to follow steps and finish tasks 
  • Build positive character traits for the future

Witness your kids have fun, get creative, and become stronger! Sign them up today!

Where Your Little Dragons Master the Basics of Martial Arts!

Our Little Dragons program (3.5.-5 years old) is the best way to practice martial arts for long-term results.

Our Little Dragons program (3.5.-5 years old) is educational, entertaining, and effective! Every class helps your little ones to:

  • Watch and learn what real respect, discipline, and compassion mean
  • Sharpen hand-body coordination, listening skills, motor skills, balance, and more
  • Slowly build strength and stamina they will find useful in future unwanted situations

Are you ready to see your child become a champion at heart? Let's get started!