Teen Martial Arts: Gain Self-Defense & Life Skills!

Our Teens & Adult Martial Arts program, suited for 14 years old and up, will bring lifelong benefits to your health. We use the Choi Kwang Do martial arts curriculum, a blend of traditional and modern classes that will bring out the best in every student! With us, you will:

  • Never get bored, as each program is exciting and fulfilling! 
  • Experience life-changing effects to your body, mind, and disposition
  • Wake up feeling better, calmer, and stronger
  • Discover critical self-defense skills along the way! 
  • Detect bullying and learn how to prevent it 

If you are ready to let martial arts change your life, sign up today! 

Become a Confident Leader and Reach Your Goals!

With the help of the Choi Kwang Do Plan, you will attain your goals and learn timeless values in the process.

Our Teen and Adults Martial Arts program (suited for those 14 years old and up) will help unlock your highest potential. It doesn't matter if you start at the beginning, middle, or finish line! Our school focuses more on the journey and long-term benefits of martial arts. With us, you will:

  • Develop humility, gratitude, and a new perspective on life
  • Learn to adapt to various people with different needs
  • Practice sportsmanship, compassion, and leadership

Learn the best from our president and founder of Choi Kwang-Do, Grand Master Kwang Choi! Sign up and discover Choi Kwang Do in a modern and positive atmosphere!